Tips to bring good Feng Shui at your office

Have you ever tried Feng Shui to make your work environment more enjoyable? If you are wondering what can improve your workplace vibe, Feng Shui is the answer. The ancient Chinese art of placing things to create harmony, is known as Feng Shui. If you arrange your office space according to the principles of Feng Shui, you are for sure attracting productivity, wealth and mental wellbeing to yourself. Read on, to get some tips on how you can apply Feng Shui at your workspace, and enjoy the office. Declutter stuff Just start with removing unnecessary stuff from your desk or from your nearby area. An overcrowded area can never give you good vibes, honestly!  One you finish decluttering, you’ll feel free, energetic and a sense of positive vibe will be around you. Power position of your desk Make sure your desk is placed in a power position. Which means place it at the position where you feel comfortable working. The desk that positions itself facing the door is the best one to be in power, as you will be able to see anyone arriving from any direction. Facing the wall with abc facing the door, might lead to unexpected people stepping into your privacy without you even knowing. Place plants Incorporating plants within your workspace will only increase positive energy. There are certain lucky indoor plants which actually spread good vibes around and absorb all the toxicity that might hamper your work mood. Hang artwork Surrounding your workplace with arts, images that are inspiring works well in bringing good Feng Shui. you can also have a picture of your family in front of you. This will keep your mood elevated and make you enjoy your work. Infuse scents A good smell all the time, uplifts energy. Diffusing some air purifiers or essential oils, will promote a positive vibe. It can calm your mind when you feel angry or anxious. Hence, you can slowly see your mood to go light and you’ll enjoy working again. Such a feeling is sure to bring productivity to your work. Go for natural lighting If you have a window around, try to keep that open. Daylight is important to imbibe positive energy. Also, the natural air from the window will keep your mood light, and offer productivity while working. Cool breeze, natural light can surely lighten up any of your office stress. Try out, it works. Getting ready to bring the best Feng Shui at your workplace now?