This is What Your Signature Says About You!

Your signature can do more than just sign a contract. That’s right! If you really think about it, a signature is unique and very personal. Naturally, it serves as a statement that reveals a whole deal about your personality. From its size to its alignment, every little detail of a signature can open up sides of your personality. Here’s what your signature says about you!

An Illegible Signature: Arrogance

If people can hardly make out your signature, it probably means that you are arrogant. It could also mean that you’re somewhat self-involved. According to most handwriting experts, presenting a clear, legible signature is a conscious choice. People who sign their names clearly are more willing to be open and straightforward. However, if your signature is indecipherable you are arrogant.

Short Signature: Impatience

According to experts, if your signature is short, meaning if you sign your name with the letters too close to each other, you are impatient by nature. Basically, a short signature reveals that you have the attention span of a five-year-old! You sign your signature short because your concentration is weak, you lack focus and are always restless to move on to your next project.

Underlined Signature: Lack of Confidence

It’s not only the size or the clarity of your signature, but also the embellishments on it that could say a lot about you. When you underline your signature, it points to your need for importance and responsibility. The emphasis of the line under your signature reveals your desire for attention, recognition, status and your lack of confidence.

Straight Signature: Balanced Temperament

If you have clear and straight signature, it reveals a very positive side of your personality. It means that you are easy-going as a person with an even and balanced temper. The clarity of your signature could also point at the clarity of your thoughts which is probably why you know how to deal with your emotions.

Right-slanted Signature: Sociable

The slant of your signature reveals a whole deal about your personality. For example, if your signature slants down it means you tend to take a negative view on things in life, that is, you’re a pessimist. However, if your signature slants right, it means you are outgoing, friendly and sociable. A left-slanted signature, on the other hand, means that you don’t like volunteering or taking on challenges.

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