Things you don't know about Meghalaya

How many of you still think Meghalaya is in Assam? Let’s get it clear once and for all. Meghalaya is ONE of the seven sister states of Northeastern India. ‘Abode of clouds’, as it is famously known, Meghalaya is a dream stoppage for every traveler. Nature, landscape, aesthetic beauty, what else does anyone need to plan a trip across such a blissful land. Perhaps, there are still parts of the state that have not yet been explored by many. Join in and check out some of the fascinating facts about Meghalaya, that will surely make you plan your next tour to this state. Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong, nestled far away from the madding crowd, is a tiny village in Meghalaya. It has received the title of being the cleanest village in all of Asia. Indeed, you won’t find any litter around the roads and might actually want to lie on its road in case you need a nap! A night in this village will make you experience their delicacy and manners. Ethnicity at its best Being in the state will give you a taste of their tradition. People here are truly traditional and have a rich culture like anywhere else in the country. Khasi, Garo and Jaintia are the three tribal languages spoken in the state, although English is taught as a compulsory subject in schools of Meghalaya. They remain loyal to their attire, and this can be said because the three different tribes have still maintained the cult of wearing their traditional attire on a day-to-say basis, even in the midst of globalization of fashion. Sorry men, but ladies’ rule! Meghalaya is one of the states in the country to perform the matrilineal tradition. After marriage it is the men who shift their house and the children adopt the mother’s family name unlike the rest of the country. The family property is also inherited by the women in the house. In many rural households, it is the women who are the bread earners and men take care of the family. Cleanest river Yet another feather in its cap, has been awarded to the state, for being home to the cleanest river in Asia. Umngot, also known as Dawki river, in Mawlynnong, is close to the India-Bangladesh border, in the Jaintia Hills. For a traveler, this is a must visit spot, for experiencing the crystal clear water of the river. It is said to be so clear that you can actually see what lies at the deepest layer of the river. A ride on the boat is also available for the tourists, and trust me when I say this, you’ll definitely want to revisit the place. You’ll be meeting Mr. Charming? Wait! What? Yes, you heard that right, not only Charming, you will get to meet individuals who have names like Brilliant, Lazy, Hope. Funny to hear, but these names, as they say, are inspired from the Bible. So, have you started booking your tickets to this heaven on earth?