Things to see and do in Mykonos

Planning a trip to Mykonos can be fun! But, do you know where to go and what to do there? Well, these are some must-see things to see and do in Mykonos Read on… Greek holidays always sound fun, right? And debatably, Mykonos is one island which will give you all types of fun that you would expect from any Greek holiday. The island is known for its good weather, scenic beauty, and several parties and family spots! All in all, Mykonos can actually be considered one of the best holiday destinations ever. Well, of course, you would need to plan a lot before going to this island. Let us help you out by telling you about some of the best things to see and do when in Mykonos! See the Mykonos Windmills The best part about this island is probably the pristine white buildings which make it even more beautiful and, well, photo-worthy! Before you even enter the harbour, you can witness the row of seven white windmills with the background of a small cape. They were built as long ago as the 16th century and are considered one of the island's main attractions. So the first thing you should definitely see in Mykonos has to be these windmills. Shop at the Matoyianni Street No trip to the Mykonos is complete without walking and shopping at the famous Matoyianni Street. This street is known for designer shops and also the locally handcrafted products selling shops. You can find stuff like accessories, clothes, handmade jewellery, handmade shoes and sandals, and much more here. You can buy souvenirs here too to take back home. The best part is that these shops stay open till late at night! Delos Archaeological Museum This is a must-see for all history lovers out there. The Delos Archaeological Museum was inaugurated in 1904 and was expanded twice to fit the several findings from excavations. The oldest pieces here date back to more than 3,500 years. You should definitely see a few pieces like the bronze mask of Dionysos from the 2nd century BC and the sculpture of Boreas kidnapping Oreithya from the 5th-century end. See the beaches of Mykonos. If you visit Mykonos and don't even see the beaches, then is that trip even complete? The best part about this island is the beaches, obviously. If you want to go to a quieter beach, then go to the Agios Sostis. You can also visit Elia Beach if you are more of a crowd lover!