Things to Know About Yakutsk, World's Coldest City

In Sakha Republic (Russia), the temperature of the capital city Yakutsk during winter drops to -71 degrees Celsius (-95.8 degrees Fahrenheit) In many parts of the world, winter is considered the best time of the year. From Christmas to the new year, winter is a season when people all over the world try to spend time with their loved ones and celebrate the mentioned occasions. However, the winter season for the residents of Yakutsk is a tough period. The coldest city on earth, the temperature in winter drops to -71 degrees Celsius; a temperature that is beyond our wildest imagination. On the internet, we have read about the active volcanoes of Hawaii and we have also read about Mawsynram, the wettest place on earth. So, why not learn about the coldest city on earth? A bit about how people survive to what are the tourist attractions in the city; we have compiled as much information as possible in 400 words. Who knows?!This article may help you win a quiz competition in the near future. People wear thick clothes made of fur and do not remain outside for more than a few minutes To survive in the harsh climate, the residents of Yakutsk rely on clothes made from the furs of various animals. Several inner layers are worn by the residents, followed by fur coats, fur caps, long boots and gloves. Even the face is covered fully except for the eyes. People do not wear spectacles because they stick to the skin. Also, residents do not stay in the open for more than a few minutes to avoid frostbites. Moving around in the city and frozen food Given the temperature, moving around in the city in cars and buses is tough. Be it a personal car or public bus, the engines are rarely turned off because once they are turned off; they do not start. At night, when the vehicles are not used, thick blankets are used to cover the batteries of the vehicles. Moving on to food, everything found in the local market is always frozen. Tourist attractions and time to visit An individual can visit the city anytime he or she wants, but to avoid the harsh winters, he/sheshouldvisit the city between May and September (Yakutsk’s summer). Moving on to tourist attractions, one can visit the Lena Pillars Nature Park and the world’s only Mammoth Museum. Last but not the least, when it comes to shopping, one can purchase ‘Unty’ shoes as a souvenir.