Things Business Travellers Need In Luxury Business Hotels

Commercial travel has been around for quite some time. From ancient times to the modern era, business trips consistently account for a sizeable slice of the global tourism market.

Even if vacationing is all the rage now, thanks to the many showcasing opportunities presented by social media, business travel is still the lifeblood of both the business and tourism sectors.

Since business trips have different objectives than vacations, business travellers have slightly different requirements. Most people who travel for work do it alone themselves or with co-workers. There is an important business reason for the trip. Your hotel has to provide for all the necessities of your business trip. Most hotels cater to both business and pleasure tourists, however others specifically target the former.

Here are some of the basic needs of travellers staying in business hotels:

Rapid Registration/Deregistration

The check-in process at most five-star hotels is relaxed. There have been times when people have had to wait up to an hour at reception for check-in to be processed. Nothing is more frustrating than having to hustle to get ready for a meeting or conference, only to find that you are wasting precious time waiting to be checked in our out.

Open, Spacious, and Bright Work Space

This primary necessity for a spacious and tidy workplace should be kept in mind by luxury hotel interior designers. Ample charging options should be present. Desks that are conducive to video conversations are also necessary, since employees are now expected to participate in conference calls remotely. This requires a well-lit space, ideally at a tidy workstation. Having decent acoustics is quite beneficial. It would be helpful if guests could activate a Do Not Disturb mode without leaving their workstation.

Excellent Wi-Fi

Spread-out hotels might make it difficult to get a reliable internet connection in some of the more remote rooms. Business travellers need reliable internet access, thus hotels should install routers in each guest room.

It is not uncommon for hotels to charge for high-speed Internet while providing free access to slower connections. A constant and fast internet connection is a must-have for today’s business traveller.

Exclusive Conferencing Areas

Smaller conference rooms or private meeting rooms accommodating no more than three to two dozen people should be accessible.

Professional Ironing

If we plan on staying at the hotel for more than a couple of nights, we will likely want laundry facilities. Business trips typically include brief getaways. However, ironing services are necessary since wrinkled clothing quickly becomes noticeable after being tossed around in an overpacked bag.

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