Things about the outer space we bet you didn’t know

The sky is deep and blue and holds several secrets too…

The outer space, just like the sea, has been explored a lot but still remains a mystery even after so much scientific advancement and knowledge. In fact scientists are still sure that there are billions of stars, planets and galaxies that are yet to be even explored by the humans. Even among the things that we have knowledge about, there are crazy facts about the outer space that many may not believe or know. Let us tell you some things about the outer which you might have never heard…

  1. Space is completely silent – This is one of the most known facts among people who aren’t even space enthusiasts. Since there is no atmosphere in the space, there’s no medium for sound to travel. That is why astronauts have to use radios to communicate when in space.
  2. Footprints on the moon may stay there for eternity – Once again, since there is no atmosphere on the moon, there’s no wind there and thus nothing to erode or wash off the footprints of the Apollo astronauts on the moon. There’s a chance they might stay the same for 100 million years or even more!
  3. A planet made of diamonds – No we aren’t kidding. There’s something called a Super Earth or 55 Cancri e, in the solar system which is covered in graphite and diamond! This planet is said to be almost two times the size of our Earth!
  4. Sun is HUGE – Well, there’s nothing unknown in this fact that the sun is huge in size. In fact scientists claim that approximately 1.3 million earths can be fit inside the sun! The sun also takes up 99.86% of the mass in our solar system.
  5. One day on Venus is longer than a year – This might be a little confusing but it is absolutely true. Venus’ axis rotation is slow thus it taked243 Earth days to complete its one day. However, the orbit of Venus around the Sun is 225 Earth days, making a year on Venus 18 days less than a day on Venus! Isn’t that absolutely crazy?!
  6. More stars than sand on earth – Yes, you heard that right. Researches claim that the universe contains approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. While no one has actually counted the grains of sand, researchers at the University of Hawaii said that it is somewhere around seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains!

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