The Untouched Magical Village Of Uttrakhand

The wonders of remote villages in Uttrakhand. A heavenly portal to a world of calm and attraction close to nature.

The emerald villages covered in cotton clouds that caress your hair while you witness the sunrise. Seems like a dream, isn’t it? The surreal and captivating views of the new poise take you to the rural beauty of the Himalayas in the background of carpeted flower beds. Wish to take yourself out of the rush of the city and enjoy the solace in nature? Here are some of the remotest villages in Uttrakhand that will make you want peace and bliss without having to grab your passport and visa.

  1. Mana Village-

The inhabited village on the Indo-China Border, Mana village is nothing lesser than a dreamland. Not very far from Badrinath, Mana stands tall at 3219m and is dressed in green meadows covered with crisp snow caps. On Sarasvati river banks, small cottages spread across making their living out of growing potatoes and kidney beans. Some of the authentic products include shawls, mufflers and caps. Some numerous waterfalls and springs encourage you to push your adrenalin rush the base for treks to the Himalayas.

  1. Chaukori-

Visiting Chaukori will surely instil wanderlust bugs in you. The trekking trails in the background with Nanda Devi and Panchachuli Peaks boost the solidarity of the place. Untouched by maddening rush, the temples and unexplored paths indeed call out to you to trod them while you can set your mind in deep thought.

  1. Munsiyari-

Seated in the Kumaon Hills, lies heaven 2298 m above sea level that will compel you never to return to the hustle and bustle of city life. The breathtaking beauty of the Munsiyari village encircled by Panchachuli Peaks makes your stay nothing lesser than a fairy tale. The camping boon on Khalia Top is a top-secret place that is a must for you to visit at least once.

  1. Khirsu-

The gem of Garhwal hills boosts the dreamy beauty and tranquillity of the village. The new scenic view of the Himalayan range with foamy waterfalls and high roads is what you need to have the perfect escape from city life.

  1. Mori-

On the banks of river Tons, Mori houses Asia’s tallest pine forests and has pretty much everything that mesmerizes your soul. The water sports and trekking calls adventure lovers from far and wide making it a hub for every sporty person.

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