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The Streaming Scoreboard: Most Watched Sports Events Across the Globe

The ever-evolving landscape of sports consumption intertwines with the fervour of live streaming, stitching together the world's most captivating sports narratives for an interconnected audience.

The echoes of the 2023 Cricket World Cup have quieted, yet its fervor lingers in the hearts of fans worldwide. As we rallied behind our nations' teams during the tournament, it became evident that the landscape of sports consumption is swiftly evolving amidst the peak of the streaming era. Live streaming has emerged as the go-to choice for experiencing cherished sports moments, marking a significant shift in how we engage with sports spectacles. Let us delve into the tapestry of the most captivating and most widely viewed sports events across the globe.

World Cup of Soccer

The World Cup stands as an apex in global sports fervor, drawing in enthusiasts worldwide. This 32-team tournament showcases national prowess, with countries vying for the ultimate title. Attendance soars each year, reminiscent of the 1950 final game where an astounding 199,854 spectators crammed into a sealed stadium. The 2022 tournament pushed World Cup mania to unprecedented levels, captivating an estimated 5 billion viewers globally, with a staggering 1.5 billion tuning in exclusively for the climactic Final match.

Tour de France

Every summer, the Tour de France- a cycling event pedals through France, featuring a tough 21-stage race. Teams of eight speedsters strive for the fastest time. With a whopping 3.5 billion viewers tuning in lately, it's a mega-hit globally. In 2023, it smashed records in France, pulling in a massive 42.5 million viewers. Compared to other sports, the Tour de France grabs a big audience, but not everyone watches the whole thing. In 2023, 8.7 million French fans peaked during stage 16, and on average, they tuned in for 55 minutes.

Cricket World Cup

Cricket might not have the same hold in North America as it does in other parts of the world, but even fans there know of its global popularity. The One-Day International Cricket World Cup, a tournament that occurs every four years, recently unfolded in India. With ten teams battling it out over six weeks, it’s a massive event on the cricket calendar. In 2019, England and Wales played host to the Cricket World Cup, and it smashed viewership records, drawing an astounding 2.6 billion viewers—an all-time high for cricket events. Now, the 2023 edition has wrapped up, and once again, the Men’s Cricket World Cup has chalked up record-breaking viewing numbers for this year’s tournament.

Summer Games

The Summer Games stand out as one of the globe’s most beloved sports events. They encompass a diverse array of sports and brim with tales of inspiration. This event serves as a platform for individuals from various corners of the world to showcase their patriotism. Held every four years in some of the most coveted destinations worldwide, the Summer Games beckon enthusiastic support from global audiences, fueling the fervour of billions keen on cheering for their nations. With an average global viewership of 2 billion, it’s a television spectacle revered as one of the most-watched events on the planet.

Winter Games

While not reaching the same level of popularity as the Summer Games, the Winter Olympics still command a significant following, drawing a diverse and sizable audience. Spanning various sports like ice hockey, figure skating, and alpine skiing, these Games take place every four years and span a thrilling 17 days. The event in 2014 boasted an average global viewership of 2.06 billion. For the 2022 Winter Games, a quarter of the world's population, approximately 2 billion individuals, caught glimpses of the action, marking a slight uptick from the 2018 event.