The Science Behind ‘Sugar Rush’: Is It Really A Thing?

Is there any link between sugar and hyperactivity? Well, several studies have demonstrated that sugar rushes are a myth.

As per popular opinion, the consumption of a large quantity of sugar can give you a psychological and physical high. However, a recent study suggests that the reverse might be true. Read on to find out more.

Why is the sugar rush a myth?

Our body does not use all the sugar we consume at once, and some part of it gets stored for later. In fact, our body keeps the sugar content in our blood steady – not too little and not too much. It suggests that our organs and muscles can utilize just the right amount of sugar to produce energy when needed.

Why were sugar rushes considered real by people?

Scientists believed having a “sugar rush” after eating sugary food meant it would offer lots of fuel to break down into energy. It was believed that people tend to be happier and seem to gain more energy after eating sweet treats. This happens because sugar is taken up into our blood soon after eating, and our body transports the sugar in our bloodstream and further to our organs and muscles, like the brain and heart. The muscles and organs use sugar to produce energy, and people believe all the additional energy might cause someone to become hyperactive.

How did scientists find this out?

Scientists have conducted several experiments to test if a “sugar rush” is real. The scientists offered some children a snack, without mentioning to their parents what was given to them. The parents had to guess if their child had consumed something non-sugary or sugary. After observing their child’s play, most parents failed to figure out which snack their child had. Most parents thought their child was experiencing a sugar rush after having a sugary snack when they hadn’t.

But a ‘sugar crash’ is a real thing.

Some scientists discovered that eating sugary treats can give you a “sugar crash”. After eating lots of sugary treats, people tend to feel tired an hour later. So instead of having a “sugar rush”, the science says people feel tired instead of energized after eating sugar.

So now you can stop snatching away candy bars from your kids because the sugar rush is just a myth, and candies do not make them hyperactive.

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