The Right Way To Store Ginger

Discover the art of preserving herbs and roots the right way. The art of preserving herbs and roots is ancient. Humans have explored various ways of saving up medicinal roots and stem for future use throughout history, and they have worked out amazingly. Ginger is one such medicinal root that is both a culinary delight and a healing element. Be it ginger dry powder, paste or the whole root, it can be saved for years if stored correctly. Here are some of the foolproof ways you can keep ginger intact through seasons. Ginger Can Sit For A Day Or Two Using ginger can be tricky. Once you cut a piece of the ginger, the rest of it can stay up to two days before crumbling and rotting. Studies prove that placing them in an airy basket instead of a closed container helps them stay fresh longer. Use The Fridge To Keep Them Intact For Longer Spells If you feel you will use the half-cut ginger piece after an extended period, instead of abandoning it on the kitchen counter, simply put it on the fridge door where the half cut lemon usually sits! The piece will stay intact for a month without losing its flavour and won't grow any mounds on it. To make it last over a year, pack it in a zip pouch and then place it in the refrigerator. Keep It In A Paper Bag No matter how pro-environment we get, we just can't get over the convenience of a plastic bag. But ginger is a true friend of biodegradable, and placing them in paper bags will help them stay fresher. The next time you purchase ginger, make sure you store them in paper bags to help them stay fresh for longer spells. Grate And Store Them Storing the intact roots is one thing and keeping ginger pulp is another story. Almost every cuisine, especially Indian, is blind without the use of ginger paste. If you feel grinding them every day is an inconvenient task, you can grate them and pack them tightly in an airtight box before freezing them. Lemon Water Another way of storing it is peeling the ginger and dipping it in acidic water. You can prepare the liquid with lemon juice or vinegar. You can wash the ginger for 2-3 minutes and then keep it dipped in the acid juice for longer freshness.