The Right Use Of Rational And Emotional Mind

Do you make decisions from your mind or your heart? Here is all you need to know about the rational and emotional sense and why both play an equally important role in your life.

There is no saying that one is better than the other. The old notion that thinking from your brain makes you all brave, and taking emotional quotient into notice is a sign of weakness has gone stale. As said by Einstein, wisdom requires the expertise of both. Here is how a wise mind integrates reasoning with emotions thatreflects in your day to day pursuits.

Before jumping to the qualities of both, let’s take a moment to understand what is your rational mind and emotional mind.

Rational Mind-

The methodical, pragmatic and logical decisions that you can take owes its existence to the rational mind. It is focused on facts and does your task without taking any sentiments into account. The search for reasons makes a useful analysis of data during times of crisis. The best use of rational minds can be to keep a cool head and work out perilous situations like diffusing a bomb, interpreting scientific data, lifesaving methods and analyzing logistic problems.

Emotional Mind-

An emotional mind takes feelings and moods into focus. You may not be relying on logic and data while at it, however by unleashing the creativity of you can feel motivated, and read the underlying facts that might help you make the decision in a more livable way. The urge to explore the emotional mind concentrates on taking the leap of faith and maintains long-lasting stable connections in life.

What Does The Wise Mind Consist Of-?

The wise mind stands for something balanced, grounded and intuitive. Maintaining a careful balance of both is what is needed to keep emotions and rational mind in check. The implementing values of infatuation giddiness keep you alert on noticing red flags and keeping a check on rationally making decisions without losing on the sentimental side.

How to activate your wise mind-

The lifelong pursuit of cultivating self-improvement can be achieved with the simple steps-

  • Being mindful of emotions and accepting them. Treating emotions to illustrate your lives lets your emotions play freely. Do not restrict them and treat them as the wrong colour for your life. Emotions are ways to convey your senses in the right way.
  • Take time to react to situations. Not every decision can be made in haste.
  • Keep yourself motivated by saying and believing that not everything you conclude can be perfect, but working towards your goal is all that counts.