The Most Inspiring Logos Of All Time

Get inspired by the most creative logos of all times to know what you need for your own brand.

What marks the very face of a brand? The logo. After getting stuck with the best business idea, the first thing you do after having the apt name is, call for a graphic designer to design the logo. As the very face of the brand, a logo can stay in your mind forever. Every famous brand has a logo; you just can’t get out of your head. Some are so creative you want to applaud the designer who came up with the ingenious idea. A simple, memorable, purposeful, and timeless logo is what you need to get a head start with. Here are some of the timeless brands with the most creative logos that will keep inspiring you to design yours on your own.

  • Apple Logo-

When talking about making things really cool and catchy, it does not have to be intricate and detailed work. The best way to go about it is to keep it very simple and memorable. The designer Rob Janoff created the world-famous logo in 1977 with a bite to demarcate the difference between apple and cherry. The icon gives a visual personality that no one can go without remembering.

  • Nike Logo-

It is the epitome of simplicity, it also has its visual lingo that makes people psychologically think it’s right. The Nike swoosh is the half of a running track to convey speed. The name itself is taken from the Greek goddess of victory. The tag-“just do it” is that level of confidence and assurance you need.

  • Mcdonald’s Logo-

This logo is the perfect example of what colours do to your mind. Playing with shapes and colour, any arched structure you see will connect the fast food joint in your mind. The yellow arches catch the eye first. In addition to the red patch, walking down the crowd, this sign will get a glimpse and make your stomach growl first and foremost!

  • Amazon Logo-

The trillion-dollar company started from a simplistic logo designed neatly and cleverly to serve many purposes. The little arrow connecting ‘a’ and ‘z’ is bent to make it a smiley. The positive and happy logo also stands for-you can get anything from the company starting from the letters ‘a’ to ‘z’.

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