The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

One can express every sentiment in one form or the other through flowers. Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world, and each one symbolizes something precious.

Flowers are simply beautiful – they are a part of life’s most important occasions. There are also flowers suitable for specific occasions – like weddings, birthdays, funerals, graduation ceremonies and such. There are flowers with religious significance as well.

Below listed are a few of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Take a peek!

  1. Rose
One of the most beautiful flowers, the rose is often prized as a symbol of completion, achievement or perfection. There are over 100 species of roses. It is a perennial plant. Some of these have closely packed petals while others have loose leaves. The most popular type of rose is usually dark red and has a long stem with thorns. Different coloured roses symbolize different things - white roses signify purity, sanctity, peace, and secret admirer; pink rose symbolizes healing, innocence, and first love; yellow rose stands for friendship, joy, and everlasting love; while red rose symbolizes immortal love and wild passion.
  1. Orchids
When speaking about the most beautiful flowers, can we forget orchids? Orchids are delicate flowers with 250,000 different species and around 880 genera. They have geometrical-shaped petals, which makes them exotic. These ornamental plants represent love, beauty, luxury, and strength. They are also to be gifted on the 14th wedding anniversary. Cattily orchids stand for charm and pink orchids signify pure affection. White and pink orchids can also be presented as a gesture of support or sympathy.
  1. Tulips
The perennial bulb-like form of tulip makes it a symbol of determination and resurrection. It has over 109 species. Tulips are available in red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange, among others. They can be gifted as an 11th wedding anniversary gift. This flower represents grace and elegance. White tulips symbolize forgiveness; red tulips symbolize deep love yellow tulips stand for cheerfulness; purple tulips symbolize royalty.
  1. Lilies
Lilies are funeral flowers. They symbolize the innocence that will be restored to the departed soul. Peruvian lilies stand for friendship and devotion. Pink lilies symbolize wealth and prosperity. Stargazer lily stands for sympathy, majesty, and purity. They also symbolized Mother Mary’s chastity and purity. The leaves stand for her modesty, and the white petals symbolize her innocence and purity.
  1. Sunflower
Sunflowers symbolize the sun, happiness, warmth, adoration as well as longevity. They are to be gifted on the 3rd anniversary. They are adored by children all over the world.