The Lifestyle Of Fishermen Of Odisha

Adventure, thrill, and workload; all in one for the fishermen.

Fishing can be sometimes a sport, a hobby, or just some time pass. But, for a country, nourished by oceans and rivers, fishing can be an undeniable way of profession. In India, fishing is very common throughout the coastal areas. Inland fishing is also common as there are so many rivers and even stagnant water bodies. Odisha’s east coast is about 450 Km, and the inlands of Odisha are infiltrated by over 30 rivers making fishing very efficient from long ago.

Districts Involved: None to Spare

Odisha is among the top fish-producing states of India according to a survey of 2021-22. There are a total of 30 districts in Odisha, among which Balasore, Ganjam, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Bhadrak, etc. are well-known for fisheries. These are all coastal districts; however, the fisheries are not bounded here but also spread through inland districts like Keonjhar, Kandhamal, etc. In Puri, the main attraction is tourism, fishing helps indirectly in the economic balance.

People: Tribes to Watch

There are many tribes in Odisha, involved in agricultural activities like fishing, hunting, gathering wild commodities, and farming. Santal and Kondh are the most well-known among them. There are some other tribes like Munda, Gond, and Oram too. The Lodha tribe uses fish traps to catch fish in their area.

Style: Different Aspects

Fishing is a hardworking profession. People of Odisha are accustomed to this hectic job. This includes setting the nets, waiting for the right time, gathering the fish, sorting the essentials, preserving or exporting, and many more. The easiest way to catch a fish in the coastal area is to use the high and low tides according to their timing. The inland fishing is done with fishing rods or nets. Nowadays they use small ponds to harvest the fish at demand. They even produce dried fish too.

Tides: Ups and Downs

Like the tides, they face ups and downs in their profession too. Fishery depends on natural aspects, making their job affected by the weather a lot. During high tides, fish enters dry streams where the nets are already placed. During low tide, they collect the fish caught in their traps.

Market: Import, Export, and Tourism

Odisha contributes heavily to the fishery market all over India. If not exporting, the economy of Odisha is uplifted by the sale of fish among tourists. Tourists enjoy the seafood to their hearts' extent and keep them growing with time.