The incredible benefits of upcycling

Before you throw away undesirable stuff from your house, read a bit about upcycling.

What is upcycling and why is it so popular nowadays?

To say simply and in layman’s terms, upcycling is reusing old things in a way that increases that object’s original value. You take an old and undesirable object and turn it into something creative and new. This is very useful and because according to the studies an average person imparts about 1.5 tonnes of waste every year! Yes, you heard us right and that is a lot of waste. The best part about upscaling? You can take your creativity and make anything out of old furniture, clothes, and many other household items. It can be anything, the sky is the limit! And with this comes several great benefits too, it can’t get better than this.

It helps in sustainability and turn, helps mother earth

One of the downsides of being a consumerist society we throw away the things that are no longer useful for us. We are known to throw away things that are even in the best shapes or when we grow tired of them. This waste ends up in landfills which we know, causes air, water, and soil pollution. Moreover, upcycling also save energy in the process of production. How?  The fuel is used to transform the raw materials, assemble items, and all the transportation to the shops is reduced, thanks to upcycling.

It also gives a boost to your creativity, while saving the planet

Upcycling is also a way of boosting your inner creativity. You can go all the way with your creative instinct. Recreate a picture frame, make mason jars magnets, even use old shoes as flowerpots, the sky is the limit. The sense of satisfaction you gain when making creating something new and innovative is immense. The finished piece would definitely fill you with a sense of pride.

While you are sparking your inner creativity, you could also make a bit of money on the side

The biggest positive that can come from upcycling is that you could even make money out of your upcycling endeavours. There are people all around the world that keeps eyeing products that are different, unique, and are upcycled. Various websites are dedicated to this such as Etsy where you can put up your creatively upcycled product and make good money from it. Saving the planet and making money too, sounds like a great plan!

So, do you want to try upcycling too?

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