The hidden gems of Germany for your next travel plan

When in Germany now, try out these places never visited before

The mere mention of travel in Germany brings to mind names of places like Munich, the Alps and the like touristy places the whole world throngs to. The country is home to architecturally beautiful historical buildings, ancient sites, World War memorials, and much more. But just like any other country or city across the globe, Germany too has plenty of hidden gems of places that not many people know about. For backpackers to family tours, there is something for everyone. Here are a few hidden gems of Germany that you should include on your next travel itinerary.

Lake Königssee

A crystal clear lake, most of this lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park. The nation is very protective of this clean lake allows only certain watercraft on the water to maintain it clean. The lake is calm and clean, and a boat tour will take you closer to its clear waters, sheer rock faces and give you an experience of the echoes otherwise not to be found in the concrete jungle. The history around the lake is that until 1965 the Königssee Railway served the lake, but now those tracks have become walking trails, and the railway station has been turned into a restaurant.

Bacharach Wine Village

A beautiful town called Bacharach located in the upper middle Rhine valley in Germany is popularly known as the wine village. This village is also a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is full of vineyards. One of the well-preserved medieval towns, it has continued to keep up its charm by preserving its age-old tradition of winemaking. Adding to the charm of the town are half-timbered buildings and castles with cobblestone streets.

Burghausen Castle

Located in Upper Bavaria, Burghausen Castle is the world’s longest, stretching over half a mile. This medieval castle has a structure that is divided into five huge courtyards. The castle even today retains its defensive walls, gates, towers, as well as service and residential structures for court officials and craftsmen. With now also a museum inside, one can look up close the furniture, weaponry, and art from the ancient times of the fort. There are over 300 exhibits in over 15 rooms and also includes a viewing platform on the top, which provides magnificent views of the entire castle grounds and the scenery.

A few other hidden spots of Germany are Hiking near Hannover, Staufen, Luisenberg Rock Labyrinth, Bonn Cherry Blossom, Eifel National Park, Bad Homburg, Breisach, Dinkelsbühl, Regensburg, Rostock &Warnemünde, The medieval town of Goslar, Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, Lake Obersee, Burg Frankenstein, Kamnitz Gorge, Bastei Bridge and Lichtenstein Castle.

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