The Beetle That Went Around the World

He went around the world in an iconic Volkswagen Beetle, thrice!

Who doesn’t admire the Beetle? The compact car from German auto maker Volkswagen is unquestionably one of the most famous rides in the world and is truly a cult-classic. Sadly, the car was lifted off the production line in 2019 forever. As of now, the company has shared no insight on if the Beetle will ever make a return again, but for today, we will tell you the tale of a Beetle that went around the world thrice.

55’ Beetle

First, let’s chat about the Beetle and in the paragraphs below, we will introduce you to the man behind the wheels. It was a Beetle bought by the owner in 1955, which was called as a Volkswagen Type 1. The Beetle 55’ was a two-door car produced for five people and was in production till 2003. The engine was placed in the rear end and was an air-cooled flat-four 1,192cc unit with a power output of 30bhp.

The man behind the wheel

Known as Wolfgang Paul Loofs, the fellow was a citizen of the Trail, B.C. In the mid-50s, Loofs arrived in Canada and settled in the smaller mainland of British Columbia. While residing there, he noticed the opportunity of having a drive on the Pan-American highway, which is a lengthy stretch from Alaska to South America’s tip. That’s when Loofs decided to get himself a car and it was the Volkswagen 55’ that caught his attention. According to him, the Beetle at that time was the sole car capable of dealing with harsh and all kinds of weather, along with varied topography and course conditions. Furthermore, it was a reasonable and economical car that provided good mileage.

Going around the world

Loofs named his Beetle as Fe En Dios, which translates to Faith in God and went on his first trip in 1957. In his Beetle, Loofs made it to Argentina and took a ship from there to arrive at Lisbon. After reaching Lisbon, he drove around in Europe and took a ship back to Canada after completing 61,800 km in 196 days. In 1961, he went on another trip in his Beetle and completed 60, 800 km in 183 days.

To know better about Wolfgang’s adventure with his Beetle, one can watch the film Once More. The Story of VIN 903847. If you are thinking what’s VIN 903847? It’s the number plate of Wolfgang’s lovely Beetle!

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