Teas of your land.

Do you know about the only drug Indians are addicted to? Yes, it’s chai. Tea is the favourite beverage of maximum Indians and hence, we are among the leading producers of tea. We are known to grow some best variety of its kind. So let us know more about the teas of our land! Darjeeling Tea- We are all familiar with this variety but did you know that Darjeeling tea stands among the most expensive teas in the world? Tea estates situated at the foothills of the Himalayas produce a cup of golden or amber coloured beverage which has a sophisticated flavour, just like fine wine. The traditional method is used in the time-consuming processing of the leaves, but this also stands as a reason why Darjeeling stands to be exclusive around the world. Assam Tea- If you need a strong cup of tea to kick-start your day, then Assam is your favourite. From the land of Kaziranga, we are given a dark amber coloured, brisk, malted and strong cup of tea. Rich loamy soil, ample rainfall and unique climate conditions help Assam being called the “Tea capital of the world”. The largest tea research centre in the country is also situated in this state of northeast India. Both traditional and technical methods are involved in tea production, but the finest are those produced using the orthodox method. Nilgiri Tea- One of the country’s iconic teas is Nilgiri tea. Its golden yellow colour and delicious, aromatic fragrant makes you feel lively and brisk. The flavour adds extra energy to the day. Lingering notes of dusk flowers with a brisk undercurrent mouthful is creamy. Nilgiri tea is often blended with stronger teas and in India Nilgiri orthodox tea was recently designated as a geographical indication. Munnar Tea-  Apart from being a haven of peace and tranquillity, it is also a commercial centre of the highest tea-growing estates in the world. Munnar tea is a clean and medium-toned fragrance with a touch of golden yellow colour and orange depth liquor. Munnar tea estates produce around 29 million kg of tea annually and also serves as a country’s most favoured tourist spot which is home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna. Karnataka Tea-  A well-known coffee town in India, situated about 150 miles from Bangalore is Chikmagalur. The pleasant climate of the town produces an extensive tea and coffee plantation. Although Chikmagalur is known for its coffee it also produces the finest quality of tea. The drink is slightly brisk and golden ochre with a pleasant fragrance. Its balanced and medium tone is like by all.