Suiting mistakes men must avoid

A well-dressed man is not respected by the high-priced suit he is wearing, but how well he sidesteps common mistakes that are usually overlooked. Here is a list of such mistakes you should avoid.

 Long JacketSleeves reaching the fingers

Preferably, the jacket sleeves should be just above the wrist bone. This allows half-an-inch of the shirt to be noticeable on the outside. This is one of the main things that defines if the jacket is perfectly fitted and looks classy on the man. Getting the jacket sleeve altered doesn’t cost much either.

 Long Trousers Covering the shoes

This is one of the most common suiting blunders, the wrong sized trouser that is not altered for the length. A loose or extra-long trouser makes a man look untidy and short. Ideally, the trouser length should just touch the top of your shoes to make the overall appearance look sharper.

Remove the Tag

One of the worst mistakes that most people make is not removing the label tag from the sleeve of the suit. Usually found on the bottom of one of the sleeves, they are not meant to be retained and flashed around. A high-quality suit speaks for itself and you don’t want to look stupid by carrying the brand tag around.

 How to button well

Some people have the habit of leaving too many buttons unbuttoned on their shirts. The Thumb rule, never to unbutton more than two buttons of your shirt as it looks ostentatious and unkempt. When it comes to the suit, be it two buttoned or three buttoned, leave the lower button unbuttoned for better comfort and look.

An ill-fitted tie ruin it all

Usually, you will find people wearing a tie that is either too long, too short, or too wide. A tie is meant to give an edge and umph to your suit so you should take extra care of its fit. Ideally, the tip of your tie should be no longer than the top of your belt buckle. The colour, pattern, and width of the tie should always complement your suit and shirt.

 Picking the right socks

Probably the most ignored item, the socks must match either with your trouser or shirt. A Socks that reveals skin or is not properly matched with the overall suit can be really embarrassing.

And lastly, always limit the accessories to no more than two to three. You don’t want to be overly shiny. Wear a simple watch and drop huge scarfs, big shiny belt buckles, or too many rings.

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