Strangest things that happen only in India

There are stranger things afoot in India. 

From anti-gravity hills in the north, to bridge made of roots on the east, India has a number of things that you might find weird and unique. Here’s a list of some of the strangest things that happen only in India.

  1. Founder of shampoo – India mixed berry-fruit with other herbs to wash hair in the ancient times calling it champo. Basically, we invented the word and the product.
  2. First-ever rocket transported on a bicycle – 1963 was the year ISRO sent their first rocket. The first-ever rocket was so light it was transported to the Thumba Launching Station on a bicycle.
  3. Magnetic Hill – Magnetic Hill in Ladakh where a car parked in neutral will defy physics and climb uphill on its own. Freaky but pretty unique.
  4. A floating post office – There is a floating post office on a boathouse in Dal Lake, Kashmir. There’s also an in-boat museum.
  5. Houses with no doors – Shani Shingnapur in Maharastra is a village with houses with no doors. The residents do believe that their house will be protected by Lord Shani.
  6. Mass Bird Suicide happens here every year – Jatinga in Assam witnesses a strange occurrence every year where hundreds of migratory birds hurl themselves at tress, thereby killing them. E.P Gee was the first ecologist who studied this strange phenomenon.
  7. Polling booth for just one person – India government has been setting up polling booth for just one person to vote in Gir Forest.
  8. Wettest place in the world is in India – The wettest place in the world is Mawsynram, located in Meghalaya. The place receives about 11,873 mm of rain annually.
  9. Highest cricket ground – Situated in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, is the highest cricket ground in the world. It is located 2144 metres above sea level.
  10. Flame that always burns – Jwala Ju Temple in Kangra has a hollowed-out stone holding a flame that has been burning for hundreds of years and has never gone out.
  11. Train crazy facts – Train system is popular in India for its cheap fares. It is believed that the number of people that use this mode of transport on a daily basis is more than the entire population of Australia.
Which one of these you already know about?