Strangest animals you should be interested to know about

“I have had strange animals as pets all my life. I was shy growing up, and shy people tend to interact better with animals than people. Animals are direct, not duplicitous.”

Our planet Earth is full of diversity where we can encounter different characteristic features in terms of the shape, size, and texture of all the animals present in that particular habitat. Some evolve in the dark, gloomy depth of the oceans while others found their lives in dry, seemingly inhospitable deserts. In this article we will talk about some animals that have been found strange in terms of appearance and features. For this strangeness, some factors like complete darkness, sediment-rich water, high-pressure environment, and freezing water can be responsible. A lot has been discovered, but still, scientists claim that there are around a hundred thousand to ten million new species waiting to be discovered in the dark depth of the oceans. However, let’s know about some discovered strange animals that are still unknown to us.

Frill-necked lizard

As the name appropriately suggests, this lizard has a giant frill around its neck. They found their home in Northern Australia and Southern New Guinea. These low-key critters are interested in insects, but many of them are interested in lizards. They have the quality of running extremely fast because they are potential predators.

Blobfish, dwellers in the deep sea

It is a deep sea fish found close to the seabed at a depth of around 12000 meters from the surface. No doubt the appearance is odd but it’s predominantly due to the strange adaptations to its preferred waters. This fish from mainland Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania has a very unique feature related to palatability. While other fishes use gas bladders to create that buoyancy, Blobfish does it because it’s made up of gelatinous mass with a slightly lower density than water. Its existence depends on floating with the current and eating whatever it finds floating in the water.

Komondor Dog

It is such a weird-looking dog that you often assume it is a mop. Is it shocking to believe? But you have to. The Komondor is also known as the Hungarian sheepdog. This large white-colored Hungarian breed is noticeably known for its long, corded dreadlocks all over the body. The feather is soft but curly and it tends to become twisted as the puppy matures. And after it becomes an adult, its appearance is kind of terrifying.

Though they are strange, we must remember that ‘An animal’s eyes have the power to speak the great language’.