Strange laws followed in Thailand.

“Rules are meant to be broken” – this phrase is followed all over the world, but the case of Thailand is a bit different from the rest of the countries. There are certain laws followed by locals which may sound a bit strange to the rest of the world. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then these are the few laws you should not be breaking.

One should Respect the Royals.

Every activity, all over the country stands still and the pedestrians freeze to pay tribute to the most respected thing in Thailand: the Royals at 8 AM and 6 PM daily. It is during that time when the National anthem is played and even tourists are expected to stop and pay tribute to the country. Lese Majeste is a law passed according to which it is considered to be a punishable offence if anyone is found to criticize or defame the Thai royal family.

Follow the Driving Rules.

There is a “No shirt, No driving” rule in Thailand. You will be charged a fine for breaking the law if found driving shirtless. Along with this, they do follow the “No helmet, no ride” policy too. The fine for not wearing a helmet can vary from day to location. So drop the idea of shirtless bike rides along the beach in Thailand.

Do not throw litters on the street.

Thailand police forces are ready to hunt down those throwing in public places and charge them a fine of about 2000 THB. Strict measures are taken to keep their city clean. According to them, litters are for losers and it is unlucky to pollute the environment.

One must take permission for drone photography.

If you wish to get a bird’s eye view of the city, then you must get written permission from the Civil Aviation Authority Thailand, even when used for commercial or recreational purpose. The process of approval may take 70-104 days so apply in advance by following the protocols.

Always carry your ID.

Tourists are expected to carry an identification form always and not present the original document as security for renting a car or motorbike. You can be asked for your identification document at any time and if one cannot present it, and then they might have to face consequences.

Some Serious Drug laws in Thailand.

Some serious drug laws have been issued by the authorities which clearly state that it is illegal to promote or consume illicit drugs and one found guilty shall be punished. Along with this smoking and drinking is also restricted in maximum areas.

Some of these rules are simply amusing while others straddle a fine line between strange and vital knowledge. As a tourist, you should maintain this fine line and enjoy your Thai vacation to the fullest.

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