Stop doing these mistakes on your smartphone

While using a smartphone, you probably make plenty of mistakes unknowingly.

In the long run, these can take a heavy toll on your phone’s system.

Read ahead!

Are you using your smartphone the right way? If not, then you may have to deal with a lot of issues along the way. Recent data has indicated that more than 98% of the total smartphone users make some terrible mistakes, which eventually disrupt their phone’s overall functions. Moreover, these can also lead to various security risks as well. So, in this article, we will discuss the most common smartphone mistakes that you should avoid from now on.

Not using a screen lock password

People are nowadays preferring face locks, fingerprints, passcodes, etc. to lock their smartphones. While these are convenient for sure, the best option is always to use a strong screen lock password. This helps prevent unauthorized access, thus securing your device a lot better.

Using a duplicate charger

As per evidence, a smartphone cannot accept random electric currents. So, when you use a duplicate charger, it can damage your phone’s battery and (in the worst case) lead to a blast. So, it’s highly important to always charge your phone with its original charger.

Not installing an antivirus app

Just like a computer, your smartphone is also vulnerable to viruses. There is a variety of malware that can attack your phone and end up slowing it down significantly. So, it’s always a better idea to install an antivirus app to secure your device.

Not clearing app cache

When you clear the app cache, it deletes all the temporary data. This, in turn, helps free up storage and also speed up your device. And if you don’t do the same, it can take a toll on your phone’s performance.

Not deleting unused apps

Is your smartphone overloaded with apps that you no longer use? If yes, it’s high time you should delete all those apps and clean up the device. They unnecessarily occupy memory and are also risky when it comes to security purposes. You can start with the RAM-booster apps, storage cleaning apps, third-party battery savers, etc.

Enabling all app permissions

While installing an app, most people allow all the permissions without reading the text carefully. The examples are plentiful – a music app asking permission to access the camera, a calculator app wanting to access the message box and more. Think twice and consider not pressing the “allow” button for all apps.

Not updating the system

As studies show, only a few users update their phone’s system software and apps on a regular basis. This is crucial to keep your phone functional and also avoid multiple security threats. If you don’t do the same, then you are only destroying your phone’s operating system. Always check the notifications and keep your phone updated to its latest version.

So, don’t take your smartphone for granted!

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