Stop continuing these morning habits.

The first thing you do as soon as you wake up is what defines your mood all day.   Many of us are not morning person, but it is good to wake up with the first light of the day. We all have certain morning rituals that we all follow. So let us look at the morning habits you need to stop continuing ASAP. Try not to Snooze your Alarm- It is too difficult to wake up at the first alarm but hitting that snooze button is not an option. Try to maintain a sleep cycle of 5-6 hours throughout and avoid waking up at inconsistent times. Avoid Checking Your Phone- Our day usually starts and ends with scrolling through social media, but this needs to stop immediately. It can be distracting as well as time-consuming. Before going to sleep, try keeping your phone at a distance where you cannot reach out right from your bed. Let your bed breathe- Cleaning your bedding might work as therapy, but following it as a morning ritual is a complete no. Keep it idle for at least an hour, and then make your bed. Try getting some Vitamin D or Fresh Air- The air in the morning is usually fresh and helps improve respiratory problems. The experts also suggest that the first light in the morning helps your body release Serotonin. It helps fix the mood, and it impacts the whole body. Try Exercising or Yoga- The more you perform activities in the morning, the more your brain and body get the signal to wake up and start your day on a great note. You cannot achieve mindfulness when walking around being lazy. Avoid consumption of bed tea/coffee- Consumption of water on an empty stomach is advised by many. Our body needs to get properly hydrated as soon as we wake up, and drinking water can help us feel hydrated. Say no to unhealthy breakfast- As the first meal of the day, try avoiding something that will harm your empty stomach. Excessive sugar or oils must be avoided, as the right fuel in the morning is very important to start your day. Let’s have a planned day- Nothing can go wrong when you have already planned your day. Everyone should have organised days. Motivate yourself- Do not think about anything that affected you the last day, but kick starts your day on a fresh note. Motivate yourself for the day ahead. Keep yourself ready for the day- If you are to rush to work in the morning, then make sure you keep your stuff ready the night before. Follow these tips for a change, might be helpful!