Spin vs seam on Indian pitches

The Indian batters are traditionally known to be good against spin bowling but that can be misleading sometimes.

Perception vs truth

It is only conventional wisdom and not true anymore that Indian batters are excellent players of spin bowling.

One has seen time and again even with the modern greats like ViratKohli and MS Dhoni that they struggle to step up the run scoring in the middle overs against spinners, particularly those who have the ability to spin the ball both ways without a lot of change in their grip.

The advent of mystery spinners has made life tough for the Indian batters. A great example of that was on display in the second T20 of the 3-match series between India and West Indies played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Spin derails India’s cartIndia got going great guns in the beginning till spin was introduced and then the batters struggled to score at a good rate in the middle overs. Once the quota of the spinners was completed and the pacers came back in the death overs, India stepped on the accelerator once again and registered an above par score.

Spin vs seam 2nd T20I vs WI
Seam: 2/123 in 12 overs (ER 10.25)
Spin: 3/55 in 8 overs (ER 6.8)

Rohit’s take

Indian captain Rohit Sharma summarized the match beautifully at the end:

“Always a fear when you are playing against these guys. We knew it would be a little tough. We were very well prepared. Under pressure, we executed all our plans. It was very critical given the point of time. Experience plays a part. He (Bhuvi) was hitting those yorkers and that odd bouncer. We believe in his talent. It was very important innings from Virat. The way he started off, took the pressure of me as well.”

“We didn’t start well in the first two overs, then he came in and started playing those shots which was very pleasing to the eye. Great finish from Pant and Iyer as well. Very happy to see how he (VenkateshIyer) has progressed. To see such maturity is very pleasing. He backs his skills and that is what every captain wants. In the end, he wanted to bowl one over as well. We need such characters in our team. We were a bit sloppy on the field. A little disappointed with that. The game would have been different had we taken those catches.”


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