Some Unusually Magnificent Places To Visit Across The world

The world is bursting with innumerable places possessing unusual beauty that can leave you startled.

Some of the jaw-dropping attractions are newly discovered, while others are thousands of years old. Here is a list of the most surreal destinations from across the world that will certainly boggle up your mind.

Danxia Landform Geological Park, China

The Danxia landforms of China are a treat for sore eyes, brimming with natural beauty and colors. The lunar landscape with spiraling hues owes its alluring beauty to the erosional process of mineral and sandstone deposits into bizarre shapes throughout millennia. Wooden platforms and stairs enable the visitors to acquire access to the hilltop without hampering the magnificent landscape.

Glass Beach, USA

Glass Beach in California has undergone a natural transformation from a century-old dumping site for trash to a treasure chest of jewel-like pebbles. Fort Braggs’ trash was dumped here until the 1960s when the authorities decided to restrict the dumping activities. The huge tides of the ocean transformed the junk into beautiful pebbles illustrating the incredible ability of nature.

Pink Lake, Australia

Lake Hillier in Australia is admired for its bubblegum-pink color of the water due to the presence of algae named Dunaliella Salina and Halobacteria. The lake water remains pink all across the year and retains its rosy color, even when contained in a bottle. This saltwater lake is not ideal for swimming but its beauty can be admired through helicopter rides to get an aerial view.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale in Turkey is popular for its snowy-white landscape due to the deposition of calcium carbonate from hot springs that are flowing for more than a thousand years. The gleaming white calcite terraces, flowing with mineral-rich, warm water offers therapeutic benefits.

Stone Forest, China

The Stone Forest in the Yunnan province of China is eminent for its stunning stone topography, scattered across 300sq km. Water and soil erosion accompanied by seismic activities have carved this unusually astonishing natural formation, featured with caves, waterfall, and intricate rivers.

Christ of the Abyss, Italy

A statue of Christ, made out of bronze was immersed 17 meters underneath the seabed, offshore from the abbey in 1954 to bless the water. The open-armed statue of the savior is installed in the near vicinity of the site where Dario Gonzatti, the Italian diver had died. The visitors can witness it by diving into the water or by undertaking a boat tour.

Which is the most enticing yet unusual place in your opinion?