Some unexplained scientific mysteries we are unable to solve.

Do we know everything? Today time and age are a good time to be alive. We are technologically way ahead of our predecessors. With all the scientific and technological advancements, the world and all its knowledge areat our fingertips. For every question, there is a smartphone and omniscient Google. We just type our question, and within seconds, we have all the answers. But what about the questions whose answers we are not sure of. Yes, there are many questions that still are unanswered by science. Some of those are as follows. What happens inside a black hole? Thanks to Stephen Hawking and the movie “Interstellar”, black holes are famous. Black holes have bewildered and bewitched scientists for a very long time. Think about it, a place with such gravitational pull that even light cannot escape through it. Professor Hawking studied black holes and gave us a theoretical overview of what happens inside of them. But what happens inside of them is still shrouded in mystery. Is it nothing or a gateway to a new world, or is it a portal to the farreaches of the universe? We don’t have any answers yet. How did life start on our planet? How did life come into existence is something that science is not quite sure of? We are here talking not about human life but life, even in microbial beings. There are many theories about that within the scientific communities. According to some hypotheses, the fundamental building blocks of life may have come to this planet by meteorites or even far-off planet. Why do humans sleep? We know all about dreams, REM and how our body replenishes itself while we sleep. We know that sleep is very important for a human to function, and that is the reason why we spent a third of our life sleeping. But the question is, why do we need sleep? Not what are the benefits of sleep? There are many animals and organisms that can function perfectly well without sleep, then why humans need it? That is definitely something to ponder about. Is there anyone out there? This question has plagued the mind of scientist from time immemorial, are we alone in the universe? Our logic says alien life should exist. But there are two possibilities, why we don’t know of them yet. First, maybe they are not interested or cannot communicate, or they have communicated we are yet to understand it. Maybe we have to wait a little longer to find answers to these inquisitive questions from science.