Some memorable facts about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wedding.

Let’s recall thehistoric wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, Philip Mountbatten.

The world has witnessed many memorable royal weddings, may it be Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, romantic nuptials or very recent Prince William and Catherine Middleton and Megan Markle and Prince Harry. But the ultimate royal wedding whose bond has survived the test of time. Seventy-three years back, Princess Elizabeth, heir apparent and daughter of King George VI and Philip Mountbatten, Prince of Greece and Denmark, got married in Westminster Abbey. Here are some memorable facts about Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh’s wedding.

  1. Queen Elizabeth, princess first met her future husband at another royal wedding. It was the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark and Prince George of Kent. They again met in the year 1939, and 13-year-old Lilibet, as Queen was fondly called by her close family, fell in love with 18-year-old Philip and started corresponding on a regular basis.
  2. Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell, who took inspiration from 15th Century artist Botticelli. The dress was completed in less than three months and made with silk, pearls and crystals.
  3. The material of the bridal gown was bought by Princess herself with her ration coupons. It was a time of scarcity, and like many ordinary girls, Princess too saved up her ration coupons to buy the fabric.
  4. The wedding cake was even taller than the groom. The beautifully crafted cake towered at 9 feet which were three inches higher than the groom. The cake was cut with the famous Duke Mountbatten’s sword, which was a gift from the king.
  5. The Princess wore her mother’s fringe tiara, which is popularly known as Queen Mary’s tiara. This tiara ran into some trouble on the wedding day. Its frame broke when Princess wore it. Thankfully, the royal jeweller was on duty, and after a bit of fixing, Princess proudly wore the tiara and looked like a million bucks. The tiara made its appearance at Princess Anne’s wedding with Mark Philip, and most recently, on the wedding day of Princess Eugene, Queen’s granddaughter.
  6. Princess and Prince received many wedding gifts from around the world. One of them was a handspun piece of cotton lace by Mahatma Gandhi. On this lace, “Jai Hind” was embroidered.

So, which one of the facts you liked the most?

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