Some incredible rules, astronauts have to follow in space

So, you thought that astronauts just float all day long, think again.

Whenever we see a spacecraft launching in the space, it fills us wonder and makes us dream an impossible dream, of becoming an astronaut. What fun would that be? Wearing space suit, exploring the unknown of the space. We often come across the videos of astronauts enjoying and floating around the spacecraft. Here is news for you, the life of astronauts is not so jolly as you believe. There are many restrictions and rules they have to follow. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Tying yourself to sleep
Yes, you afternoon riser, dreaming of becoming astronauts. You are fussy about the mattress, pillows and comfort of your bed. In space, the only way you can sleep is zip themselves to sleeping bags which is attached to cabin walls.  Remember your head, legs and arms would be strapped as you sleep!
  1. Don’t Cry
Cry babies, please stop dreaming of going to space. Because there you can’t cry. Sure, you can get emotional, but you cannot cry. It is because, without any gravity, your tears can’t fall. Instead, they become a blob of water and are stuck to your eye. Yes, it would hurt too.
  1. Bye-bye carbonated drinks
You cannot cry or drink your favourite cola to ease homesickness in the space. The reason behind it is that gas present in these drinks can affect your body differently in a place without gravity. So, bye-bye Coke!
  1. You would lose the sense of taste and smell
Are you excited to taste what the great NASA chef serve you onboard? Well, the truth is that you won’t be able to taste or smell anything. Though the food is pretty basic (and covered in gelatin). Surprisingly, astronauts love hot, fiery sauces in space.
  1. Learn Russian
In addition to learning many survival traits in space, you also should have an understanding knowledge of Russian. The international space station uses Russian Soyuz aircraft, whose controls are in Russian. So, in order to read the instructions and survive in the craft, you should know Russian.
  1. Can’t use pens
Yes, Professor Viru Sahastrabuddhe was absolutely correct; you cannot use pens in the space. For ink to flow and pen to work, you need gravity. So, they use special pens made by Fisher pen company, where the cartridge is loaded with liquid nitrogen which pushes ink to tip.

If you are passionate and love the unknown, then space travel is for you.