Some facts about Netflix’s trailblazing series “Dark”

The question is not where, but when!

The era where we are spoiled with choices not only in the movies but also T.V. Thanks to the popularity of OTT platforms we have films and television series from around the World. One of such ambitious and probably one of the most incredible science fiction series would be Netflix’s “Dark”. Set in the fictional town of Winden, where there are secrets to be unravelled and some personal tragedies. The plot is complex and often confuses the viewers, but as the series progress, you slowly understand the answers to gripping questions. Here are a few of the facts about the series that you may not know.

  1. The town Winden, where the story is set in a fictional town, but it is inspired by the “Windenim Etzal” a town in Germany. Though the show’s creators argue that place is actually fictitious as they wanted a town which could be anywhere in the World.
  2. Dark seemed to be inspired by many Sci-Fi shows that came before it. One can see the glimpses of “Stranger Things”, “Twin Peaks” and even ”Lost”. But as the show progresses, we realize that its story is unique.
  3. The importance of November 12 is a reference to the same date in “Back to the future “. “Back to the future” was a movie involving time travel. So, in a way, the makers of “Dark” are trying to hint that on this date all the time travel emerges.
  4. We come across the Latin phrase ”Sic Mundus Creatus Est” many times during “Dark”. The literal translation is “And the world was created like this”. It also refers to “The beginning” which says a lot about where the story is going.
  5. H.G. Tannhaus is a physicist, writer, clockmaker, also Charlotte’s guardian in the series. The character is a homage to H.G. Wells who wrote the ever-famous ”The time Machine”.
  6. Even though the story may seem confusing and sometimes surprises you completely, but it revolves around the same characters. There are twenty characters in the series, and few more here and there who form this complex story.
  7. The caves which form the pivotal part of the series are not real. There are no caves or for that matter, even rock formation in around Berlin. Most of what you see on the screen is CGI.
Dark is a revolutionary and trailblazing series that you must see. So, start the marathon binge-watching now!