Some basic badminton skills for one to learn

Learn these to just have fun while playing with friends and family

Mastering the basic techniques of any sport is not for one to become a pro at the game but for them to be able to play it. Knowing these basic skills for any sport also allows one to play consistently and improves it with passing time. To begin with badminton is a very beginner-friendly sport that anyone can play with ease knowing the basic skills of it.

One of the most popular and in-demand sport, anyone can play without much hesitation. So if badminton is a sport that you plan to pick up start working on the basics of badminton skills that you can learn without coaching. Here are some basic learning skills to ace the game with your friends and family.

The right grip in holding the racket is really important to achieve control on shots while avoiding the chances of a wrist injury. A proper grip will allow you to play both backhand and forehand strokes effortlessly.

Begin by learning to get a good hold or grip of badminton. According to experts, holding a racket is similar to a friendly handshake. Place the thumb comfortably against the wider surface of the handle grip, while placing the rest of the hand imitating a handshake. Not a tight grip as it will ruin the flexibility.

It is to do with how you stand while playing badminton and is important as brings about easier movements. There are three types of stance, attacking stance to get into the position before playing by turning your body with racket leg behind and both legs shoulder-width apart. Then defensive stance to defend the opponent’s smash and lastly net stance is to be ready for the opponent’s return after playing a net shot.

Since you don’t know from which direction the shot will be coming, constantly moving around the court is important. Hence comes into play the footwork, which plays a huge role with effective movement on the court. Always remember the starting point, move only two-three steps backward, shuffle only one step sidewards and move only two-three steps front.

This is the heart of badminton play and is the most basic skill that one has to learn to play. There are two types of service in badminton. High serves to aim at the back end corner of the opponent’s court. And low serve is aimed at the front of the court with the objective to let the shuttle fly just above the net landing in the front corner of the court.

It is a fun game to play outdoors and fun to learn as well.

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