Smalls thing to practice in a day, making you happy and positive

By doing this your life will expand

Amidst the deadlines and the stress-filled lives it becomes difficult to also be happy and positive at the same time. While we might read uplifting material and try to be around a positive happy atmosphere, it most often isn’t always successful in uplifting our mood. However, various studies and experiments by experts have brought to light a few simple easy to do daily activities that will not only lighten your mood but will also uplift it to a greater extend.

Smile This is the most underrated simple activity that is not practiced by humans. We are all gifted with beautiful smiles and it is proven in various experiments that by smiling while looking at self in the mirror or in general to other people, the brain release dopamine – the feel-good hormone. No, obviously not a fake smile but next time you feel low, curl your lips into a smile and see what happens.

Exercise It is better you put on your running shoes or lay down the yoga mat and see how your body reacts. You sure are to feel an elated self and a happy being. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as it boosts self-esteem and happiness. Keep it simple and not overexert, take a walk, sign up for a beginner’s yoga class, or start the day with few minutes of stretching. Or do any activity that makes you happy and you find joy in.

Sleep This again is the most underrated medicine for a healthy body and mind. People believe, sleeping to be a waste of time but they don’t know how it helps rejuvenate the body and mind.  A good eight hours of sleep promotes good health, brain function, and emotional well-being. Make it a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. Before bed take a bath, read a book, or do something relaxing. Try and limit day naps to 20 minutes or else it will affect your night sleep.

Gratitude Just by acknowledging the beauty around us, the comfort we are bestowed upon and the life you are living will uplift the mood. The practice of offering gratitude has a direct effect on your mood and way of thinking. Remember, no matter how harsh things may turn out for you, there will still be things in your life that most people don’t have. So be grateful for that.

Besides, it is also important that you invest in eating the right kind of food that contributes to uplifting your mood. Remember to give a compliment, breathe deeply, and keep a journal.