Six things we bet you didn’t know about ancient Egypt

The land of pharaohs and the magnificent pyramids, there is so much more to know about ancient Egypt.

This is one of the favourite subjects for any history lover across the globe. Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and probably the most mysterious civilization in the world. Be it the lofty and formidable Pyramids or the Godlike pharaohs; our curiosity gets better of us. So, let’s go back 5000 years in time, and discover the lesser-known facts about ancient Egypt.

  1. Egyptians forged the world’s first peace treaty

Egyptians and Hittite empire (modern-day Syria), were in conflict with each other over land control. This power struggle went on undecided for more than two centuries. But when both Egypt and the Hittite Empire faced serious trouble from other powers, they signed a peace treaty. This peace treaty was probably the first of its kind in the world and can be seen even today, above the entrance of UN Security Council Chamber.

  1. Cleopatra was a Macedonian

Contrary to popular belief, one of the most important figures of ancient Egypt Cleopatra was not Egyptian; she was Greek Macedonian. She was descendant of Alexander’s general Ptolemy I. The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt from 323 to 30 BC.

  1. Egyptian woman had several rights

Egyptian woman in ancient Egypt was nowhere less than a man. They could sell or buy property on their own; they can even make a will. They earned the same as their male counterparts. Interestingly, they had the right to divorce and even remarry.

  1. Pharaohs were not lean and handsome

Pharaohs are always believed to be lean and handsome if we believe the painting and hieroglyphs. But after the study of various mummies of pharaohs, experts believe that they were unhealthy and overweight. They even suffered from diabetics.

  1. Both men and woman wore makeup

Ancient Egyptians loved wearing makeup. They believed that it gave them the protection of the Ra and Horus. Both men and woman adorned their eyes with a copious amount of kohl around the eyes. Not just that they used cosmetics made of oil and perfumes.

  1. Pyramids were built by skilled artisans

In popular media, we often see that pyramids were built by the slaves and how they were mistreated. But experts believe that slaves were never used for constructions, they worked mostly as domestic servants. Pyramids were built by skilled labourers and trained artisans.

Which one of these facts you already knew about?

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