Six low investment business ideas for budding entrepreneurs

Do you dream of starting your own business? Are you looking for a low-cost business startup? This list would help you consider your options.

So, you have decided to be your own boss and start a small business. The common problem most people face is that they don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we have put together a list of small business options you can consider. The best part? They don’t require huge investment or capital to begin with.

  1. Content creator
With the advent of social media and all day long news cycles, the need for writers, graphic designers are skyrocketing. You can use your talent for various business and media to earn well. Thanks to the emerging gig economy, you can now become a full-time content service provider.
  1. Personal Trainer
If you are into fitness and have the required expertise to guide people, then you can be a personal trainer. You can provide consultations, advise a personalized diet regime and also can provide an in-house exercise regime. You can also build your brand free of cost with lots of exercise videos, fitness tips, and inspirational quotes on social media.
  1. Career coach
If you have worked and have some experience with you, then you can become a career coach. There are many youngsters that are still looking for a correct career path. With your able and through guidance, they can land up in the job of their dream. Plus, career coaches do not come cheap; for your experience and expertise, people would pay you a hefty amount of money.
  1. Resume writer
If you have a knack for writing and could polish up a resume really good, then this is for you. You would be surprised to find that many people are unable to write a good and relevant resume. You can offer your services in writing resume, excellent cover letters and attractive portfolios for future employers to see.
  1. Be a translator
If you are proficient in a foreign language, then use that skill to build your business. Translators are in huge demand nowadays. You can market yourself as a translation service provider and provide your services to hospitals, schools, colleges, courtrooms, corporates etc.
  1. Be a blogger or a vlogger
If you are passionate about any field, may it be travelling, cooking, makeup, you should consider writing your blog. And if you are not very good and creative with words, then pick up a camera and become a vlogger. All you would need is a camera and computer with great internet connectivity.

So, don’t be stuck in a 9 to 5 rut; follow your dreams!