Six best guard dogs for your home

The dog has always been man’s best friend, but a guard dog also lends protection by being personal guard, guarding the property or merely alarming the visitor at the door.

Along with offering a lifetime of companionship, love and affection, a guard dog also makes you feel safe by putting at stake its own life while protecting you and your family. We bring to you some of the popular guard dog breeds around the world.

  1. Rottweiler: Popularly known as cattle protecting dogs, Rottweilers are the fierce protector of their pack. Dubbed as one of the most intelligent breeds, they are intensely loyal to their owner. You need to socialize a Rottweiler well, train and provide regular exercising opportunities. Else, they can become stubborn and aloof.
  2. Bullmastiff: A cross between Bulldogs and Mastiffs, they are large and muscular dogs. It is often described as one of the best guard dogs. Bullmastiff is known for its strength, protection instincts and loyalty. It is very docile with the family, but when it comes to an intruder, it uses all its force to know or push him away.
  3. German Shepherd: It is one dog most honoured in the police force and military for its fierce force and loyalty to the force. German Shepherd is very bold, confident and fearless when it comes to protecting its owner and has a very calm persona in a family environment, making it one of the best protection dogs.
  4. Doberman Pinscher: Often, people are fooled by its sleek and lanky body, but one must know that Doberman is fast, strong and brave, making them a great guard dog. They are incredibly sharp, intelligent and energetic and very sensitive around their family. Yet when it comes to a stranger or intruder, they are very alert and reserved.
  5. Staffordshire Terrier: Originally bred for bullfighting, they are generally aggressive and very protective. Due to this, the owner must train them from early years and often socialize. They may appear intimidating to the stranger; Staffordshire Terrier is a great household pet as its aggression comes when protecting the family.
  6. Giant Schnauzer: They are a larger version of the smaller Schnauzer. Giant Schnauzer often barks and are usually calm, which makes them a perfect choice for families for companionship and security purposes. Their thick coat of fur needs some maintenance and regular brushing; they have a cute beard too.

Having a guard dog often has added responsibility for a watchdog as you need to train, socialize it and be a pack leader for your guard dog.

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