Signs You Might Actually Be A Genius

You might have flunked in high school, but that does not make you any less of a genius! Marks are not the true judge of a person’s intelligence. You might not feel like an Einstein, but chances are you could be one. We often let our academic and career accomplishments measure our intelligence and we could not be more wrong. Intelligence involves many more factors that go beyond your textbook materials. So, the next time you feel stupid or dumb look for the signs given below. If you can relate with them, congratulations you are a genius!

You Have A Curious Bone
If you are always eager to learn something new and harbour a healthy curiosity, it’s a sign of genius. According to studies, people with curiosity are more capable of generating original ideas. Moreover, they have an immense capacity of gathering more knowledge over time than others. Curiosity comes naturally to a genius person. Your ability to question things and to expand your knowledge demonstrates that you are a genius.
You Stay Up Late
Being a night owl is a sign if genius. Now, this would only count if you have not had that one too many cups of coffee before bed at night. Experts suggest that a genius mind is at its most creative streak during the night. This is also because if you are a genius, you brain would be super stimulated not letting itself to power down enough for you to fall asleep. Therefore, if you find yourself not being able to sleep at night because you are busy being creative, you are genius!
You Worry Too Much
If you tend to think and worry too much about things, that could also be a sign of being a genius. While geniuses mostly have a commendable sense of confidence and pride, sometimes they go overboard with their thinking because they can see beyond the surface level of problems. Your ability to see things ahead is a sign of you being a genius.
You Talk To Yourself
Talking to yourself might seem a little odd and crazy, but the truth is it is also a sign of genius. A genius tends to speak out loud to themselves because their mind is constantly working at sorting their original and innovative ideas. Being vocal about your thoughts and creative ideas with yourself makes you a genius and not a weirdo.