Shubman Gill has a 'good' problem

Shubman Gill is in another league when it comes to his back foot play but is slightly iffy against balls pitched on the good length. Gill's subtle changes Shubman Gill had a technique in his younger days when he stayed beside the line of the ball which gave him a lot of space to access the offside. This is the thing around which he built his game, finding gaps in the offside through cuts and punches. However, he had a couple of issues with this technique in Australia and added a back and across movement in his setup. But when he returned to India with Rahul Dravid (Gill's India U19 coach) taking charge as Head coach and the opener needing some big runs to salvage his career, he went back to his technique of staying beside the line of the ball. Adjustment made Former New Zealand pacer and commentator Simon Doull noticed this change and had this to say on air. "I think Gill has changed a couple of things. He's no longer getting back across. He's staying beside the line of the ball, almost like when he was playing in that U19 World Cup in New Zealand. I was so impressed with him. He to me was a cut above Prithvi Shaw, I even mentioned it a couple of times. I thought he was the best I have seen at that level. He seems to have gone back to that and maybe that is an influence to Rahul Dravid coming into the setup. He knows his game so well from that time." "He has gone back to his old technique. He is playing along the line of the ball instead of going back and across and now he is reaping the rewards. New Zealand would have had a plan for that back and across movement by targeting his front pad." A work in progress Gill is trying to figure out how to counter the technical problems he has against the full length balls by coming down the track. He is extremely good off the back foot and has a natural flow to his batting. There are some players whom you watch and can instantly tell that they are cut from a different cloth. Shubman Gill is one such player, belonging to a different league altogether. However, he can be found wanting on tricky pitches, particularly against good length balls.