Shows to Watch if you like B99

A dig into the B99 vibe A list of iconic comic sitcoms albeit not without their fair share of frolic and solemnity. NBC’s Hilarious,  The Office  The Office could be a tad bit obnoxious grandfather to the rather woke child that B99 is, but if you are looking for some breezy light-hearted humour sans preaching and intense morality lectures. While both the shows are based around the mockumentary format, B99 has a quirky and interesting casting of major The Office actors, mostly Dundler Mifflin employees: Craig Robinson, Ed Helms, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez and Tim Meadows among others. Sweetchild of The Office, Perks and Recreation  A hilarious political satire, Perks and Recreation is blessed with a charming bunch of optimistic characters that form a comforting cocoon and immediately pull you into it. B99 unflinchingly takes a jab at corruption, sexism, race, homophobia and gender inequality in the department, we have Eon Swanson delivering a harangue in Perks and Rec to criticise business and privatisation without however making it sound like a political agenda. In B99 and Perks and Rec, we witness growth of the characters without mindless bickering of well-rehearsed jokes. Also, with the quirky and eccentric personalities who sparkle in Perks and Rec, you would know why it is not just another comic sitcom. The Perfect Embodiment of Timeless Satire, Veep Veep is beyond the notorious popularity of the fictional Selena Meyer; it is the decade’s one of the most brutal comedies that swept off 17 Emmys. The scathing satire and hilarity in Veep make it highly binge-watchable and more so when you are missing B99. The Multiple Emmy Winning Schitt’s Creek B99 has a reputation for including diversity and real-life challenges as NYPD employees navigate through life, the brilliant Primetime Emmy Awards winning show Schitt’s Creek does not wince at diversity, unpopular opinions, theatricals, debunking ageist myths and lesser-talked-about family tussles without, of course, losing its humour. If you are an ardent admirer of the theatrical and hysterics prevalent in human nature, Schitt’s Creek and B99 are unbeatable! The Theatrical Cheers  Cheers was a stormy riot on NBC and reigned the Thursday night ratings with its amazing line-up of episodes. The show certainly epitomised the Golden Age of television and still reverberates with the razor-sharp wit of B99. What draws you to the show is its array of outlandish characters and especially Andy Andy, an ex-con with a fondness for theatrics and passion for Diane. Viewers are nostalgic about the show’s sporadic nerve-wracking moments; neurotic and devious pranks and scheming devices that are also abundant in B99.