Shopping streets in Thailand for great fashion

Take out time and do visit these markets The picture perfect Bangkok also has many attractors for its fashion. With a vibrant and dynamic culture, the fashion is unmatchable and you will find possibly anything and everything in the Thailand markets. To everyone’s surprise, it is not just limited to the city malls or street stalls but some floating markets as well. Also, the variety of shopping experiences in its capital Bangkok goes far beyond a stroll in the mall. However, the amazing factor shopping in Bangkok remains that while giving a flavour of the cultural uniqueness of the country, the fashion has a hint of the West as well. This is the reason it is also known for being a famous retail hub. So as you plan your next trip to Thailand, here is a list of some shopping areas that you need to lookout. MBK- Mahbookkrong It is a mall with around 2000 vendors selling a varied range of items from independent Thai brands. Starting from the bottom floor, it is all fashion including bangs, belts, accessories, shoes, leather material, and all kinds of dresses. You will be surprised at the cheap prices, a supermarket and the electronic market. It also comprises shopping for furniture, international food court, Thai food court, and Cineplex. Pratunam Market It is the best wholesale market and a bargainer’s paradise. A large packed area of streets from Petchaburi road to Baiyoke Sky tower, the space is overflowing with every possible item one can imagine. One can also find imitations of designer Indian gowns at cheap rates. Mind you, it is a wee bit crowded market so if your ‘can-you-push-through-the-crowd’ game is perfect go ahead! So most retail shops open from 10 am to 9pm, and remember to carry cash only as no cards are accepted. Platinum Mall It is a mall but one can easily bargain here.With over 1300 vendors and less space, you will find everything here right from dresses, uniforms, formals, shirts, jeans, shoes, and cosmetics among other things in varieties. A pro tip, if you bargain 10-30% off your price, you can easily purchase a lot from one place. Also, space holds imported and wholesale materials from Korea and Japan. Chatuchak Weekend Market This is a must-visit the market as it vibrant and has 8000 vendors to stroll through. The market after a while gets a bit confusing, but is exotic in terms of the extreme fashionable variety in ranges and colors. No just that there are many rows dedicated to antiques, ceramics, furnishings, trinkets, souvenirs, vintage clothing, pet accessories and paintings among other things. Few other markets to visit are Green- Jatujak Green, Rod Fai Market, Pantip IT Mall, Terminal 21, Central Chidlom and Siam Discovery.