Shades of Kolkata

Known to be the city of Joy, Kolkata is the second-largest city in India. This city is known to cherish its history, culture, architecture and heritage with an acceptance of technology. Kolkata is India’s third metropolitan city after Delhi and Mumbai and is the cultural capital of India.  Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and is situated on the banks of the Hoogly River. Job Charnock is known to be the founder of Kolkata. He established this city by merging the three villages -Kalikat, Sutanuti and Gobindapur in the year 1686. Formerly known as Calcutta, this city was built by the British raj as a replica of London. ‘What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow,’ is a famous line associated with the city for producing some great thinkers, artists, filmmakers and writers of all time. From the first Noble Laureate to the first metro of the country, from Calcutta University to Presidency, from Rabindranath Tagore to Netaji- Kolkata is filled with inspiration and serenity. Kolkata is a city of joy that never gets old. It is precious as a fine wine. Though this city knows to take a step forward with time but also remembers to hold its year old heritage and culture with a firm hand. This city is never tired. From celebrating New Year at Park Street to preparing for Durga Puja, Kolkata is always filled with happiness and energy. The honesty, culture and tradition lift the versatility of West Bengal and this is why the city welcomes visitors from around the globe. If you visit this city, you will experience its different shades going from North to South. The cultural variety is not only seen in people who live here but also can be felt by looking at the architectures. South of the city will give you the touch of modern era whereas, North Kolkata is known for its old architectures and buildings which is preserved carefully. Kolkata is a city with contrast characters living together. Today, Kolkata may be a developed metropolitan city with industries, educational hubs, IT and software hub, entertainment hub and many more, which invests in the development of the city. Being home to culture, trade, business, major universities and other major institutions, Kolkata is the third richest city in India. Kolkata is a blend of history and development. If we have a café on one hand then we have Indian Coffee House on the other, people here enjoy both. If you visit College Street, Esplanade, Howrah, you will find a touch of old day Calcutta because of the architectures and buildings that stand in contrast to Salt Lake, Newtown or Rajarhat with tall towers and hi-tech facilities. This city of joy never sleeps.