Self-care tips for a busy modern-day woman

This one is for you, the most reliable, self-sufficientand always putting yourself last for everything. It’s time for you to sit and work on the self-care that you require. Take out time for yourself, you are too, need some TLC Modern women have too much on their plate. The pressure of having a personal life alongside a roaring professional career is not an easy job. You are overworked, stressed and have many obligations and responsibilities. Because of such a hectic lifestyle, the one thing that takes a backseat to your priority list is giving time to yourself. And if you neglect this very vital task then it is going to take a toll on your health and wellness. And that is transformed into a much bigger problem. So, slow down and take a deep breath and try these self-care ideas for you to recharge. Go for regular medical checks and ensure that everything is fine with your body We are all habitual of checking with our doctors and health check-ups when we feel some ailment but that is not the right way according to experts. They emphasise the need to have regular health check-ups if you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s. As they say that a stitch in time saves nine, timely detection of any ailment can save us from bigger health issues. Pamper yourself often, give yourself a day at the spa Listen to your body, and skin and pamper yourself now and then with massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. You will feel relaxed and loved. Indulge in an activity you love, hang out with girlfriends or laze around with a book, the choice is yours Do what you love, go out on a lunch date with your girlfriends or even spend an afternoon reading your favourite book. It should make you happy and contended. Remember, the activity must be about you not making people around you happy. Start your day with certain healthy habits If your morning starts with alarms and rushing to complete your daily chores, then it is time to change that. Take lemon water to detox yourself first thing in the morning. Exercise or meditate, take your time to get ready and eat your breakfast. A rushed morning can make you anxious and stressed throughout the day whereas taking time for yourself would make you confident and happy, a feeling that stays through the day. So, stop putting your self-care on to back burner, your happiness and wellness are of paramount importance.