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Safeguarding Animals During Diwali: A Compassionate Celebration

This Diwali, let's celebrate in silence!

As we rush through the last-minute shopping, adorn our homes with a mesmerizing display of lights, eagerly invite families for heartwarming reunions, and carefully select our most exquisite attire for this Diwali night, let us pause for a moment to remember a profound responsibility. Amid all this festivity, we mustn't overlook our profound duty towards those innocent furry and feathered companions who might not share our excitement for this splendid occasion! 

In the midst of our bustling preparations and the anticipation of joy, there exists a quiet yet vital duty. It's the duty we owe to those creatures who exist in our world—creatures who may not fully comprehend the beauty of Diwali but who undoubtedly feel its impact! As we bedeck our homes with radiant lights, let us remember that these same lights can be a source of disquiet and distress for these animals! Amid the echoes of laughter and the hum of celebration, let us not forget that for some, Diwali is a time of unease and anxiety! 

When Diwali turns into a festival of fear for some! 

During Diwali, a distressing reality unfolds instances of animal cruelty that taint the essence of this festival. It's unfortunate that while we celebrate the triumph of goodness and eagerly invite light into our lives, some of us forget the very essence of Diwali. The deafening noise and blinding bright lights of fireworks create panic and confusion among these innocent creatures. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, animal shelters witness a sudden surge in admissions during this Diwali period. 

So, how can we bring about a change? How can we make a positive impact? How can we fully enjoy the beauty of Deepavali without disrupting the peace and existence of these vulnerable animals? Today, let's explore ways to address these issues and ensure that the festival of lights truly illuminates the hearts of all living beings.

Choosing a Green Diwali 

A green Diwali symbolizes a celebration that's both festive and eco-friendly, with a focus on avoiding harm to the environment and animals. Instead of polluting the air with the explosions of traditional firecrackers, which cause anxiety for pets and stray animals, a green Diwali promotes the true essence of the festival. It encourages us to celebrate the festival with a radiant display of lights, highlighting the beauty of illumination without disrupting sound. Also, recycling and reusing last year's decorations is a meaningful way to participate in a green Diwali celebration. Increased shopping leads to more production, greater resource consumption, and increased waste generation. This waste can have detrimental effects on the environment and biodiversity. By choosing to go green for Diwali, you're making a positive contribution to both animal welfare and the planet.

Be a responsible pet owner during Diwali 

Diwali can be a challenging time for your pets. It's important to keep a close watch on them and be vigilant for any signs of discomfort. Keep your pets indoors, away from the loud noises and bursts of firecrackers. Keep them engaged with their favorite toys or treats to help them feel safe and secure indoors.

Watch out for stray animals 

Stray animals are highly vulnerable during Diwali, so, it's crucial to ensure their safety. Keep an eye out for them, and promptly reach out to local animal welfare organizations and authorities if needed.

Diwali is the perfect occasion to embrace the positive lessons this festival imparts. It guides us through life's darkness, urging us to choose the path of light and cleanse our inner shadows. This planet is a home for all of us, and the beautiful festival of Diwali can serve as a perfect example of embracing everyone in the spirit of illumination. Ultimately, it's up to us whether we can truly celebrate the essence of Diwali or not!