RV on a budget: Two guys build the world’s smallest camper on a bicycle

We are certain you’ve thought of going on a year-long road trip exploring the world at least once. And doing that in a recreational vehicle (RV) is on the bucket list of many. It’s after all a home away from home. But RVs cost one-fourth the cost of an actual home, which isn’t exactly affordable. But the YouTube channel Dangie Bros managed to build a camper of their own on a shoestring budget, which is most likely the world’s smallest camper on a bicycle.

Dangie Bros, run by Chris and Jeff, documents their idea of an affordable trike-camper built on the base of a tricycle. The channel runners aimed to replicate the big RV at a fraction of the cost while attempting to take a road trip covering 160 km in two days.

The camper itself is mounted on the back of a tricycle and is largely made of plywood and aluminium siding. It’s equipped with a working sink, gas stove, solar panel that powers the electrical outlets as well as an electric fan. There’s a massive door and several ventilation windows too. The small-budget camper also accommodates a retractable bed that needs to be assembled every night using a few pieces of plywood. Dangie Bros said the whole camper weighed just about 227 kg.

Chronicling their journey in the camper, a video on the YouTube channel shows the DIY camper’s abilities as well as the challenges that come along with the job. With no motor assistance of any kind, the brothers had to rely on pedal power to move the camper forward. Uphill sections meant one guy had to push the camper while the other pedalled away.

While the camper bicycle managed to complete barely one-fourth of the distance it was originally intended to do, the YouTubers certainly get full marks for making the rather crazy attempt.\

Disclaimer: This Article is auto-generated from the HT news service.