Road King Sets Milestone as First Film Directed via Video Conferencing

The Kannada film, helmed by Hollywood director Randy Kent, revolves around a real incident in Kolar years ago.

Filmmakers have progressively adopted technology in their art, and Road King, featuring debutant Mateen Hussain, lays claim to being the first film directed via video conferencing.

The Kannada film signifies the inaugural project of Hollywood director Randy Kent and draws inspiration from a genuine incident that took place in Kolar a few years ago.

Mateen Hussain’s vision

Mateen Hussain, who is set to make his acting debut, also takes on the pivotal role of producer for this highly anticipated film, scheduled to hit screens on the 23rd of June. In an exclusive interaction with CE, Mateen delves into the groundbreaking use of state-of-the-art technology employed in the film’s creation.

He reveals that, despite approaching several esteemed directors in the industry, most declined the opportunity due to budgetary constraints. Undeterred by the setbacks, Mateen persevered, determined to bring his creative vision to fruition through innovative and cost-effective methods.

“Since I grew up in the USA, I have known Randy Kent (Life of Lemon, and Perfect House) for a long time. I requested him to direct the project. Initially, he hesitated due to the language barrier, but eventually agreed to direct the film”, said Mateen.

Skype empowers filmmaking

Owing to visa complications, Randy Kent faced constraints in travelling to Bengaluru, prompting the decision to employ Skype as the medium for directing the film. This innovative approach allowed Kent to remotely oversee the production, despite the geographical barriers. The adoption of such technology in response to visa challenges highlights the flexibility and adaptability of the filmmaking process in the modern era.

“Despite two attempts, he couldn’t obtain a visa for various reasons, and he couldn’t come to Bangalore. Finally, he directed the film from the USA through Skype, making it the first film directed via video conferencing,” reveals Mateen.

Obsessive Ex Syndrome explored

Road King revolves around a rare disorder known as Obsessive Ex syndrome and was filmed in Bangalore and other British locations. Alongside Mateen, the film stars Rukshar Dhillon, Leela Mohan, Harish Sejekan, Nayana Shetty, and other notable actors. Arif Lalani takes on the role of cinematographer, while sound designer Scott Wolf, renowned for his contributions to numerous British films, has joined the team of Road King. The editing is skillfully handled by Shri Crazy Minds.

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