Remembering Michael Jackson: 5 Lesser Known Facts About the Legend

An icon for most of the ‘80s kids and above, Michael Jackson is the king of American pop music.

Michael Jackson made American pop music what it is today. However, it was not always that the King of Pop had it easy. Nonetheless, like him, his music and style were also one of their kinds. Think you have Michael Jackson all figured out? We bet you didn’t know these rare facts about him!

He Had a Theme Park Residence

Now, this might sound a little strange but Michael Jackson had turned half of his residence into a theme park. While some people thought that to be what dreams are made of, others felt iffy. He turned half of his 3000 acres property into an amusement park that had roller coasters, a petting zoo, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, bumper cars and railroads. Oh and did we mention he had it named “Neverland”?

He Received an Elephant as a Gift

Well, he is the King of Pop and that should mean something! Actress Elizabeth Taylor gave Jackson an Asian elephant as a gift in 1991. The gift was a token of thanks to Jackson for allowing her to use his ranch as the actress’ wedding venue. The 5000 lbs weighing elephant was named Gypsy by Jackson. That’s huge, right?

He Wanted to Play Spider-Man

The legend not only wanted to conquer the music world but also saw himself as a superhero. In 1991, when Marvel was drowning in debt, Jackson tried to purchase Marvel Comics because he wanted to feature as the Spider-man. Not only that, he had also auditioned to play Professor X in one of the X-Men movies.

Jackson’s Father Forced Him Into Music

In his childhood, Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, pushed him into practicing music along with his siblings. In fact, one wrong note and his father would hit or whip him. The sole reason behind this was that Joe wanted to keep his children off and away from the street gangs.

Jackson’s Disease Changed His Skin Colour

A dramatic change can be seen in the skin colour of Jackson from his early to his later years. While many believed that Jackson had intentionally changed his colour, the truth was he was suffering from a disease called Vitiligo. Jackson’s post-autopsy report confirmed his condition removing all doubts.

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