Reed Hastings: Dynamic leadership of the Netflix CEO

Reed Hastings, a truly dynamic leader for a reason!

Dynamic leadership development focuses on maximizing the strengths and skills of each individual in a team. A dynamic leader comes with skills, expertise, which are essential and is highly interactive and guaranteed to bring out the creativity within the team. Also, a true dynamic leader brings a transformative change which is necessary to cope up with the societal challenges around. Reed Hastings has been one such leader. Let us find out some more of his style.

About Hastings

Reed Hastings is an American entrepreneur, co-founder and current CEO of Netflix. In 1997, Hastings and business partner Marc Randolph founded Netflix in California in 1997 and started mailing DVDs in 1998 as customers were interested in buying them online. Hastings is someone who serves organizational mission, vision and values instead of personal power needs. Such a leader refines their own leadership philosophy and shares it eloquently with others.

A Dynamic Leader

Reed Hastings through his participative nature has created an image of a transformational leader. His creative intelligence and reciprocity come together to best describe his leadership abilities. In an interview he explained how success, for him, is making less, and not more, decisions, rather he enables his employees to take charge. He believes his minimal involvement is a way of empowering employees. A fact that makes Reed Hastings, a leader different from others, is his unique working policies. At Netflix, it is important for employees to be equipped with knowledge, in order to make better decisions, regardless of their job roles.

Leadership style of Reed Hastings

For Reed Hastings creative intelligence and transformational leadership, best describes his leadership abilities. Under his style of leadership employees are able to make decisions about their work and are more invested in driving toward a successful outcome. Perhaps this style has brought positive effect and has worked for Netflix, as according to a 2017 report by a firm that measures employee experience, Netflix was ranked among the best companies for employee satisfaction.

Skills and Capacitance of Hastings

Hastings is known for his fewer decision-making ethics. He makes fewer decisions and leaves more of them to the team he has assembled. Taking for instance the most hit series of Hastings, “House of Cards”. It took him merely 30-minutes to give a green-light for the production. He admits the decision came quick because it was the employees who laid the groundwork to make it happen. In an interview with a Silicon Valley journalist, Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix stated that Reed Hastings is one of those rare people who is extremely good at recognizing early-stage problems and solving them with his creativity.

What a dynamic leadership this man has got indeed!

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