Redecorate your bedroom to make it more Instagrammable

INSTAGRAMMABILITY: Let’s redecorate our bedroom

Every day, millions of people are posting on social media and the interest among the people regarding getting a perfect instagrammable picture is continuously increasing. Your bedroom needs to be the place where you would love to spend hours and your bedroom should have the ability to be an excellent form of relaxing retreat from the increasing pace of the day.

Bohemian inspired room

Boho interiors and instagrammable pictures go hand in hand. Diversified textures in your bedroom could surely give you a boho vibe. There are various ideas which could add texture in your cosy bedroom. Room rugs made up of natural fibres could be a wonderful piece for enhancing textures in your room. Even your books stacks, artwork and your old wooden furniture could enhance that instagrammable factor. In terms of bohemianism, ‘more is better’, you can add your favourite bunch of creativity in your bedroom.

Lit up the room

Don’t you feel that the lighting plays an essential role in the interior decoration as well as in capturing proper instagrammable pictures? You need to know the way of creating the best effects of light in your bedroom. The proper balance between the task, ambient and the accent lighting is important. This balance will help you to generate a proper lighting for any kind of activity and mood. The general lighting or the ambient lighting could help the beginners to start their room decoration journey. Even the floor lamps also provide a soothing lighting all over your bedroom that would give you a peaceful or dreamy instagrammable picture.

Let’s add some symmetry

Symmetry in the bedroom could provide a serene flair in the bedroom. Symmetry in your cosy master bedroom could enhance the relaxing environment and aids in the process of serenity and comfort. The positive feeling and the soothing appearance of the symmetrical room decor would help in increasing the visual interest. The symmetrical wall pattern with the bed sheet could give a visual peace and satisfaction to you as well as to your viewers.

Bold and Neon

The neon room colour is extremely energizing, the bringt neon pink or fluorescent green could transform your basic bedroom to a fresh modern interior. Not only for clicking good pictures, but also this trending neon interior design in your bedroom could give you an entirely new feeling. Wallpaper patterns, wall paints, furniture of the room as well as the accessories of the room in a bold neon colour create a beautiful statement and it will surely give a transforming youthful energy.

So why don’t you start your bedroom re-decoration journey and make it more instagrammable?

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