Reasons why you should absolutely watch Fleabag

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Fleabag, the British comedy masterpiece by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an introspection, a one-woman’s journey, tale of relationships, deep rooted trauma and unbridled happiness and most importantly, a realistic take on pretty much everything the show touches on.

Too hotch-potch to understand? Let us help. Here are the reasons why you should absolutely watch Fleabag.

Funny Af

Waller-Bridge writing is top-notch as she combines dark humour in day-to-day happenings.  The scene where Claire gets a nasty haircut and Fleabag thinks “She looks like a pencil” and Claire actually reiterates it to her. Truth: She actually did look like a pencil.

Stepmother’s portrayal by Olivia Coleman

Fleabag’s stepmother played by Olivia Coleman takes the despicable character to a whole other level. The constant smiling, the passive-aggressive traits that is the gist of her character is played delicately well by Coleman. You are going to be aghast or taken in by it.

Real depictions of relationships

Fleabag’s relationship with her family is like it should be with the black sheep of the family. Her relationship with Claire, with her father who can barely form sentences to convey his emotions for his daughters, with a gallery of men she forms relationship with, even with her stepmother – the nastiness, the love, the pursuance and the awkwardness is depicted as it is. No sugar coating.

Short episodes

Fleabag is easily bingeable in a day. Each episode last about 20 minutes. There is no beating around the bush with the events. It’s in a pace you can understand even if you are slowly falling asleep (which I guarantee you won’t)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s brilliance

The writer Waller Bridge also plays the role of Fleabag to utmost brilliance. The crisp dialogue, the witty comebacks, the bad feminist vibes, the overindulgence in physical relations will move you, get you laughing, or start the tear works.

Well defined characters who stand out

Each character is designed to stand out. Fleabag, the protagonist, the feminist running a guinea pig café, Claire – Fleabag’s much successful sister married to the sleazy manipulative Martin, the father who lives under the thumb of the stepmother. Even Fleabag’s on and off boyfriend Harry is not trite but is more feminine than Fleabag herself.

Andrew Scott

*spoiler for Season 2*

Andrew Scott plays the priest that Fleabag falls in love with. The entirety of season 2 is about Fleabag and her friendship with the hot priest. The priest is the person Fleabag confesses her heart out – the dread, the feeling of hopelessness of losing a friend, the pangs of being alone. Its heart wrenching but at the same time, you will laugh. And then cry. But mostly laugh.

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