Pros and cons of watching web series

Are we watching a web series? It has the power to take you into a different world.

Yes, watching web series is one of the most common things in this 21st century. Audiences have found a new innovative and user-friendly method to keep themselves entertained as well as engaged with the help of their favourite shows and flicks. In the present day, watching web series on OTT platforms is extremely fun, entertaining and surely addictive in some cases. There are a few pros and cons of watching web series that we might not experience on our traditional audiovisual media, television.

 Pros: view on demand is one of the prime benefits of web series

In order to watch your favourite web series, the moment you subscribe to an OTT platform for viewership, you get playback control of the entire episodes, scenes and all the seasons of that particular web series. Surely you cannot get such control on the traditional cable TV. Also, when we watch web series through the OTT platform, we get the opportunity to customise a list of our favourite series.

Pros: Multi-platform support helps the customer to view the content anytime, anywhere

OTT platforms give us the opportunity to watch our favourite show anywhere, time. The majority of the OTT platform comes with diversified platform support options, with which we can watch through smartphones, tabs and laptops.

Cons: More screen time impact your personal and social life.

We often witness that when a web series is compelling and interesting, it’s difficult to stop the curiosity, and therefore we have the tendency to watch back-to-back episodes as well as seasons. Hence, it further exceeds our average screen time limit that is 1-2 hrs each day. The increase in screen time further has a negative impact on the personal and social life of the audience.

 Cons: Dependency on the internet speed, as poor connection could spoil the overall fun

As the web series contents were streamed online in HD format, the internet is one of the essentials for the audience. Poor network connectivity could make our viewing experience painful. We will fail to stream our favourite episodes without any hassle in times when we are out of our network connection or have low network bandwidth. In some of the other points, we have already witnessed that the majority of the bandwidth is consumed by the web series while streaming.

Based on the above discussion, it can be stated that we should evaluate the pros and cons before taking a subscription, the essential points which we need to consider at first include budget, time management and data plan consumption.

Watch web series, but don’t let them harm your life; use them solely for your entertainment.

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